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It’s a little over midnight now. I wasn’t asleep, but already nodding and feeling very sleepy. 

Suddenly there’s a knock at my door and 2 of my sweetest friends, Venusco and Abondz, popped out and handed me my birthday present. 



Thank you! Thank you so much!!

I really wanna cry now.

Ok, bye.


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It’s less than half a year later and I only have 100GB left from my 1TB HDD…

"Only 100GB left", I said. 20 years earlier my first computer only have 2GB HDD… And the upgraded version around 3 years later have 10GB.

And 5 years ago I was like, “Meh, who needs 1TB HDD, it’s too huge. 500GB is enough.”

And look where I am now…

hm…. I guess. looking at Sekakoi series…. they’re allowed. there will probably be kiss scene… I hope?? we shall see in ep.3 =w=

Nah, I doubt it. DMMd is labeled not even shounen-ai. I read the news saying it’s not going to be shonai or BL.

Togainu no chi was the same. I was disappointed about no BL in the manga as well :(

I dunno, maybe they want to grasp wider viewers by deleting the BL part. orz

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I know right?? And seriously, who are they trying to fool? The people that actually played the game (or know the story) or the people who have never heard about it but when they will search more information they will find that the game is actually a BL game? (It may be just me, but the whole "BL-game-adaptation-without-the-BL-part is just stupid xD). Oh fragile hearts~
bayoukun bayoukun Said:

Even though they can’t show more than shounen-ai, at least put the shounen-ai there!! And maybe, just maybe(!) they can put an extended sex part in the blu-ray version. 


But it all just a wishful thinking… orz

because they can’t air anything more than Shounen-ai on TV in Japan. And yes, the animation is really unstable.

But it said that DMMd isn’t even a shounen-ai. At least I wanna see kissing scene from Aoba and whoever seme they’re going to decide in the anime. But no… there won’t be any… 

PS. Wait, they’re allowing a malexmale kiss in anime, right?

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Honestly, I will never understand why they keep making animes of BL games...without the BL part. :S
bayoukun bayoukun Said:

YES! I fail to understand WHY!! They make regular ‘normal’ anime with A LOT of barely-there-but-oh-so-obvious-BL-hints, yet they decided to delete the BL part in the anime from BL games.

Are they really want to play and trample over our fragile hearts?

TBH, DMMd’s animation really suck. It’s pretty awesome to see them move and the animation visualized the narration of the game, but the movement is very stiff and awkward. Being used seeing the pretty illustrations from the game, the anime — except for the close-ups — gawd they look so fugly. 

I like how the story goes, though. I’m curious of how they’re gonna connect all the separated character’s stories into one.  Although I don’t know if showing Toue and Sei just in the 2nd episode is a good idea.

But my most and foremost complain is : WHY IS IT NOT BL?!?!?!?!?!

Sketch and final result. Don’t ask me what happened in-between. I have no idea what I was doing either since I was just experimenting with hot and cold colors… LOL Look how shitty the original sketch is. XDD

I used Paint Tool SAI for most of the coloring and switched to Photoshop to do editing and final touch.

Final result here.

"The Other Side of the Mirror"

Playing with extreme hot and cold color, I didn’t expect it turn up well on first try. 

Sorry for spoiler. I just read the latest Tokyo Ghoul scanlation chapters where Kaneki starts to accept himself as Ghoul. 


Eeehh… someone notice my unusual use of layers. LOL

The top folder, my dear, contain parts of lineart layers I use while inking. I always ink with overlapping lines here and there, separating the layers make it easier to erase the overlapped lines without erasing the fixed ones. It’s gonna be merged in the end. 

The bottom folder contain parts of the sketch layers since I’m going to draw several characters, I put them in separate layers to make it easy to move around for finding the perfect composition.

And as for how long it takes me to finish one drawing, it depends on my mood. I can finish it in a full day, or months even. Yeah, I’m a lazy ass who loves to procrastinate. XDD

Tokyo Ghoul - Kaneki Ken WIP.

Doing this between my work… I’m bored. LOL

This is why they cut Kaneki’s monologue in the 1st episode about how human food taste to ghoul. I was actually thinking the same thing when I read the manga. LOL

Sousuke doodle. It’s only look good from far. LOL


*this is Google doodle today (9/7/2014)*

Everybody in my country is very excited today, for this very day is Indonesia’s Presidential Election Day 2014.

I never interested in politics, I hate it. I despise it. I’m always apathetic when it comes to politics and election days. Well, it’s just the same shit in different taste, anyway. The whole thing just disgust me.

But this year’s Presidential Election Day is one of the kind, since we have a new hope for a better Indonesia. A single hope that comes in a form of a humble man. A man that can lit that small spark of hope in the heart of millions Indonesian people. And those collected small sparks will burn into a spirit of a change for a better future, a better Indonesia.

Never in my whole life I’ve been so very sure with whom I’m going to choose for the election.

I vote TWOday. I vote for Jokowi.