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A good for nothing illustrator who apparently has flexible drawing style, and currently obsessed with handsome, short haired, six packed guys.
Also a mangaka, a doujinka, a blogger, a dog and cat lover, a Supernatural, Sherlock BBC, Dr. Who, and Kurobasu die hard fan, and a self proclaimed gay guy trapped in a girl's body.
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I play BL games with my window open. It’s kind of bad putting the speaker on at night like this. I think the neighbours can hear it.

Geez, how long they hear the moaning that came out from the speaker. I’m an idiot. orz

Both next door tenants are guys. Well, although one of them is my friend who knows my hobby, I’m playing this for 3 consecutive days. I think I gave them quite a nightmare. Bahahahahaha…

Continuing my Kurobasu Japanese myth AU: Oni!Aomine. I was about to make him a tengu like Kagami too, but suddenly this image popped in my head last night. Yes! Barechested Aomine. Hoho…

And yes, it’s a Hannya mask on his crotch. LOL

First drawing progress video I’ve ever made. XDD

Part 1, about an hour of work. Value and basic color.

I hate spoilers, but I don’t be a dick about it. You can’t avoid spoilers in the internet. Really. You will bump onto them every now and then, even more for the very popular titles.

My suggestion is, if you like one fandom, don’t be lazy. You obviously love it, right? Then don’t just watch the anime, read the manga too. Yes, anime mostly has better visualization, and yes the manga sometimes has shitty art, but at times, anime doesn’t grasp the true intention of the manga, moreover for the ongoing manga with complex plot.



If you’re lazy, or If you’re new to the fandom, well, it’s the risk for having spoilers, just don’t blame anyone for it. 


A kind reminder to all tumblr citizen; use tumblr savior to avoid spoilers if you didn’t want to see it. And for those who reblogged things from me, PLEASE add spoiler tag on spoiler pics. Don’t be LAZY! I’m the one who get blamed for the spoilers, and it kind of start to get in my nerves to have shitty comments in my dash. 

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I saw your draw this again meme, and was like asdl;kghasd;glhasorigaoritrew!!! HOW?!
bayoukun bayoukun Said:

Comparing to other talented people, 9 years is a long time. XD And since I’m only 1% talent and 99% lazy bum, yeah, I think it’s kind of miracle that I can do digital painting now. LOL

Actually, it all thanks to my co-workers. All of them are talented bastards. I learn a lot of things from them. And because my current workplace constantly demand digital painting arts, and my art director is crazily detailed on things, so it’s like “I can because I had to”. Otherwise I’ll be fired.

I was almost fired for my lack of skill back then, y’know. XDD

I don’t know with other people. For me, perfect working environment mould me the way I am now. I learn much more in only 1,5 year in my current workplace compared to those 7 years in my previous company.

Asker milollita Asks:
I really like your art! It's amazing! <3
bayoukun bayoukun Said:

Ah, internet.

This is stupid.

It’s ‘their’ not ‘there’.

I accept defeat. Now I’m sailing in this ship… orz

Took me just one fucking day, and I already sailing quite far…

Damn you all!!

This blog almost hit 1k followers now. Thanks for your support! 

I’m gonna post about my dirty little secrets when it hit 1k followers. XDD

My chameleon with its top hat looks so elegant. XD

My chameleon with its top hat looks so elegant. XD

Preparing a set of GoM+Kagami kemonomimi job AU chibi keychain/phonestrap. XDD And again, I’m adding ears and tails… LOL

Kitsune Kuroko Sensei. Keychain/phonestrap sample double side, front-back. And Police panther Aomine (still haven’t decide to draw him with this formal uniform or the short sleeve ones) 

Kuroko sensei is holding his favorite reading book, Gon Kitsune. Not a very nice reading choice for children. It always end up with a bunch of kindergartens bawling their eyes out after he read it to them. XDD

My workplace now is smoke-free. It’s a small studio of 8 people (soon will be 12), and  ALL my co-workers are guys (including the new recruits that will start next month), and all of them don’t smoke.

I think we all have a mutual agreement that we hate smoke.

I used to work in an office full of idiots who smoked in an air-conditioning room. Those idiots felt they’re doing nothing wrong even after they were told about the danger of smoking in an air-conditioning room. They would just refuse to listen and understand. We often argued because of this. I hate those ignorant people.

Now, one of my ex-co-worker is very sick (something to do with her asthma). Last I heard about her condition, she was coughing so hard, it broke one of the veins in her eyes, made her shed blood tears. The doctor told her it was because of fatigue and stress. But I think most of the reason is because she stays every day in the room filled with smoke.

If anything’s happen to her (good heavens, hopefully not!), it’s all on them!

Asker animangalife Asks:
I love your art so much!
bayoukun bayoukun Said:

Thank you very much… XD


A phenomenal fuck-ton of arm references.

(The last image is a GIF; wait for it to load.)

[From various sources]

Here’s a sneak peek for the keychain/phonestrap I’m working right now… ^^

Chibi Kurobasu job AU. Draw the kemonomimi just for fun. I may add it… or maybe not. Hahaha…